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Get twilio number

Sign up to twilio and get your official locale phone number to sign up to twilify.

Get twilio »

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Get your calendar

Find the calendar you want to use and get it's id.

Get the calendar »

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Sign up to twilify

Complete the form and subscribe to twilify's innovative service.

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Set it up

Configure your twilio number to have access to your twilify web application.

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Get a twilio number

Go to Twilio's website and sign up so you can get an official locale phone number to be used with twilify.

Get your Google calendar's id

Access your google calendar's and choose an existing, or make a new one, to use with twilify.

Then grab it's id, you are going to need it to configure it with twilify.

Sign up to twilify

Complete the form of twilify with the required information and press sign up.

An email will be sent to you with the link to the script, that is needed to run in order for twilify to work.

Configure your twilio number

Get the link to the script that was sent to you and set it to run on your twilio's number call.

Copy and paste it to you twilio account under your number's section.

Then press save, and you are all done and ready!

Welcome to twilify.